Peter Matthew Bauer of The Walkmen streams solo track Mountains On Mountains

Peter Matthew Bauer by Cameron McCool

Peter Matthew Bauer by Cameron McCool

Peter Matthew Bauer is currently running the Fortune Tellers label.

Peter Matthew Bauer of the towering American alternative titans The Walkmen has released a new single entitled Mountains On Mountains, with more to come this year.

“This is the first track of my own that I’ve recorded and decided to release in a long time,” he says. “I’m not entirely sure how to explain it: it’s a pretty dark song about certain types of people and memories fading away.”

“But it also has this feeling of no expectations, so it leaves me with a sense of optimism and presence in the end.”

“Nick Stumpf and I started recording it for a fundraiser for Fairfight around the elections. Later we decided to take this barebones live recording and make it into something more proper and special.”

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