The Walkmen announce ‘the end’…again


The Walkmen are no more…once more.

It took just a couple of months for the band to accept some more live work after bass player Peter Bauer told the Washington Post they had ‘no future plans whatsoever’ and were planning a ‘pretty extreme hiatus’ last November.

However, after that short return ended in New Orleans during the weekend, frontman Hamilton Leithauser has now once again declared the group to have passed on, to be no more, to have ceased to be.

“These guys are my best friends,” he told the crowd. “It’s not easy to knock us down because we have like five or six final shows, right? Like we have one and then we have another and we have another and then we have another. And then we have a reunion and then we have another reunion and then we have another reunion.”

“Cause why the hell not? It’s so fun playing with these guys. These guys are the best. Anyhow, you know what? This is the end. This is the last thing we’ll ever do. But this is great. This is the first song we ever wrote together.”

Check a final performance of ‘We’ve Been Had‘ right here:

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