Paul Weller announces new album Fat Pop (Volume 1)

Paul Weller by Sandra Vijandi

Paul Weller by Sandra Vijandi

It’s the 16th solo album for Paul Weller.

If there’s one musician lockdown was never going to slow down, it’s Paul Weller.

Fresh off last summer’s On Sunset, the Jam frontman has set Fat Pop (Volume 1) for release on May 14th.

With spare time on his hands thanks to a cancelled tour, Weller fell back on the archive of song ideas stored on his phone, eventually leading to his band meeting up at Black Barn studios for the recording sessions proper.

As ever, some guests were invited too, these including Lia Metcalfe of The Mysterines and Andy Fairweather Low.

In our 8/10 review of On Sunset, we observed that Weller’s career journey ‘continues to be a fascinating one’.

Fat Pop (Volume 1) tracklist:

Cosmic Fringes
Fat Pop
Shade Of Blue
Glad Times
Cobweb / Connections
That Pleasure
Moving Canvas
In Better Times
Still Glides The Stream

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