Album Of The Week: slowthai – TYRON

slowthai TYRON

Our pick of the albums reviewed on these pages during the past seven days is TYRON, the second long player from slowthai – here’s your chance to revisit the review and check out the album via Spotify.

“Without being too patronising, you didn’t need years of psychotherapy training to embrace the possibility that Tyron Frampton’s complicated past and presents might end up creating some tension.”

“It’s rare for a man to be such an open book in the dog-eat-dog world of rap, but even in slowthai-mode Northampton’s favourite son often ended up his own worst enemy.”

“It’s equally true that the people who like to build you up also like to knock you down, but there are some who just want to do the latter; naming your album Nothing Great About Britain was an obvious index finger to the nationalist, post-referendum frothers, but was a minor outrage generator though when compared to calling the Queen a c*** on the title-track.”

“Having pissed off arguably all the right people, a situation which got out of hand with Katherine Ryan at 2020’s NME Awards instantly transformed the loveable motormouth from hero to villain, his admittedly boorish actions causing a predictable logjam of commentators who were all crawling over each other to express their various degrees of self-righteous offense.”

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