The Lathums premiere video for new single Foolish Parley

The Lathums by Sam Crowston

The Lathums by Sam Crowston

David Bowie, Joker and Clockwork Orange are all name-checked as inspirations for the new video from The Lathums.

After ending last year on the longlist for the BBC’s Sound Of 2021, The Lathums are aiming to show exactly why with their new single Foolish Parley.

“Being honest, this just came to me out of nowhere,” Alex Moore reveals. “I can’t pinpoint from exactly where or why. Like a lot of songs, it was something that flowed freely, working first time and, sometimes, it takes no more thinking about than that.”

Live4ever can thank the band for providing us with a rare taste of live music in 2020 when we caught their online-streamed gig from the Blackpool Tower:

“Impressively, the group have harnessed a sound that, despite many influences, can only be them, and they function under a timeless but faultless dynamic,” our review reads.

“Johnny and Ryan, on bass and drums respectively, hold everything together while Alex melodically swoons and soars on vocals. However, their secret weapon is Scott on lead guitar. It’s by now a lazy comparison, but it bears repeating: there is a not an insubstantial debt owed to The Smiths (Alex even enunciates like Morrissey) and that’s primarily found in the guitar playing.”

“Making it look easy, like a certain J Maher used to, all Scott Concepcion needs to do is literally kiss the sky. Apart from that, he’s well down the road of Rock God, working so well in tandem with Alex’s voice so as to be a duet between voice and strings.”

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