Idles support Independent Venue Week with Carcinogenic video

Idles playing Brooklyn Steel on May 10th, 2019 (Paul Bachmann / Live4ever)

Mark Bowen with Idles playing Brooklyn Steel on May 10th, 2019 (Paul Bachmann / Live4ever)

Idles will be chatting with their fans about the importance of independent venues via an Instagram AMA tomorrow.

Around their hometown of Bristol can be found one of the UK’s most flourishing live music scenes, and it’s that which Idles are supporting on their video for Carcinogenic.

The performance of the Ultra Mono track finds the band at the Louisiana, Exchange, Mother’s Ruin, Old Duke and Trinity Centre hubs, all for the ongoing Independent Venue Week campaign which this year feels more important than ever.

“Now more than ever independent musicians and the music industry at large need to unite to keep from being decimated,” Mark Bowen says.

” Between the pandemic and a government who not only don’t care about the future of the arts (especially independence within the arts) but take a pro-active role in its diminishment, independent venues are at greatest risk because they are mostly small businesses, not interested in profit or investors but in the nourishment of creative, open-minded, critical thinking.”

“Independent venues are the fertile soil in which the future of the performing arts will grow. They are where your future favourite band will play, where the best song ever written will be tested out, where the new can bud and flourish.”

“They are also vital for a sense of community and union, something people sorely need and miss at this time, without them we’re all f**ked.”

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