Track Of The Week: The Besnard Lakes – Our Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again

The Besnard Lakes by Joseph Yarmush

The Besnard Lakes by Joseph Yarmush

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Our editor’s pick of what’s come in this week is from The Besnard Lakes as the band prepares their new double album …Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings for release on January 29th 2021.

“This song has been floating around since the Roaring Night era,” they’ve said of Our Heads, Our Hearts On Fire Again. “We could never figure out how to finish it. Well, we figured out how to finish it.”

“It has that 3/4 waltz we love so much, the same 3/4 waltz that Disaster rested upon. It’s also a bit of a lament about how sad we were when we parted ways with Jagjaguwar.”

“This is the second time Oggy’s lyric ‘On the other side of the world’ is used; here it is to detail the comparison between geography and forensics, and that human beings are detectives of time.”

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