Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio details new solo record Dead Hand Control

Chris Baio by Pooneh Ghana

Chris Baio by Pooneh Ghana

Chris Baio’s last solo release was Man Of The World in 2017.

Vampire Weekend‘s Chris Baio is making his next solo move after the band’s hugely successful return last year with Father Of The Bride.

Back under his Baio moniker, the guitarist will put out Dead Hand Control in January 2021, complete with the Endless Me, Endlessly and What Do You Say When I’m Not There? tracks which are with us right now.

“Endless Me, Endlessly is a simple song about being there in every possible capacity for someone else,” he explains. “In a way, it’s a bit of a fantasy – a single person cannot be everything to someone else. Lately, though, I have found fantasy to be a thing of comfort.”

“What Do You Say When I’m Not There? is the polar opposite emotionally. It’s an ode to insecurity and the fact that you can never truly know what is going on in someone else’s mind.”

Dead Hand Control tracklist:

Dead Hand Control
Endless Me, Endlessly
What Do You Say When I’m Not There?
Dead Hand
Take It From Me
Caisse Noire
Never Never Never

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