DMA’s share video for Round & Around after premiere at Everton’s Goodison Park

DMA's live in London (Alessandro Gianferrara for Live4ever)

DMA’s live in London (Alessandro Gianferrara for Live4ever)

DMA’s have shared their video for Round & Around.

It remembers the video’s first showing at Goodison Park, the home of Everton football club, the echoey timbre a fitting ambience for 2020. “Around the world stadiums, arenas and venues still lie empty, missing the people that bring them alive,” the band say. “Here’s our new music video for Round & Around on the big screen at Goodison Park.”

Round & Around features on this summer’s album The Glow, which got a 7.5 review from Live4ever: “As well as being prepared for accusations of pandering to current trends, the band are also ready for the counter argument that real emotional insight is at a premium; they have that covered too,” it reads.

“The Glow itself is a reference to the constant feeling of needing to be somewhere better, while the typically elegiac Silver – essentially one long terrace-friendly chorus – is about keeping relationships anchored in a world of constant uncertainty and change.”

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