Everything Everything post video for Arch Enemy

Everything Everything performing at Bristol's Colston Hall (Jessica Bartolini / Live4ever)

Everything Everything performing at Bristol’s Colston Hall (Jessica Bartolini / Live4ever)

Everything Everything have posted the video for Arch Enemy, the track which signalled the arrival of their fifth studio album Re-Animator on August 21st.

“I made this video together with an old school friend, with whom I used to draw the most insane and grotesque things,” frontman Jonathan Higgs says. “We let our imagination run wild to bring the fatberg to life and create a world of friendly horror.”

Higgs has also been the driving force behind the album’s main theme, taking his inspiration from the psychologist Julian Jaynes’ ‘bicameral mind’ theory – the premise that early humans had two distinct, autonomous sides of the brain. “This idea of the divided self captivated me,” he’s previously said.

“Jaynes attributes this to the origin of gods, people ascribing deity status to this voice they could hear in their head. All this blew my mind, and I started thinking of ways I could make this a central concept. It really touched me. So across the whole record there are millions or references to this theory – to having a split brain, two selves, hearing voices.”

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