Live4ever Presents: The Lounge Society

Lounge Society by Piran Aston

Lounge Society by Piran Aston


Archie Dewis – drums;
Hani Paskin-Hussain – guitar, bass;
Herbie May – guitar, bass;
Cam Davey – vocals, bass, guitar.


We’re all from around Hebden Bridge/Todmorden in West Yorkshire.


The Fall, Talking Heads, The Velvet Underground, Fat White Family.


We formed at high school and have all been good mates for years. I think we’d all been subconsciously looking for someone who was as in love with music the same way we all were, and when we found each other we started playing really quickly. However, it took as about two years to actually play a gig!


It’s all of ours first band. We studied similar subjects at school and are now all pretty much doing the same A levels: music tech, film, sociology, politics.


Spicy. Or ‘Cold War-POP’ as some people have called it.


I think for us it’s about doing the best we possibly can without compromising what we’re about. We wanna get our message to every corner of the globe if we can, and have a f***ing good time along the way.

Did you know?

Gotta be Cam’s microphone shenanigans: on numerous occasions he’s taken out his on-stage energy on the mic at the end of a gig. It was particularly dramatic at the Trades Club (our local and an amazing venue) when it’s fair to say the sound guys weren’t best pleased. God help any mic stand which gets in his way in the future.

What’s next?

Obviously everything is very up in the air at the moment, but definitely straight back to gigging and then get the new single recorded and released as soon as possible. Watch this space.


The Lounge Society mean business. Generation Game is an immediate call to arms; smoky atmospherics against an art-pop strumming of guitar set the scene gently before Cameron Davey slaps you in the face with striking lyrics (‘there’s a generation staring down the barrel of a gun, and you won’t ever find them on the cover of The Sun’). The rest of the band join in as the pace of the track quickens before dropping at the three-minute mark to restore some dreamy serenity to proceedings (‘our God is a poison that must be unlearnt’). The finale is a frenetic outro where guitars are attacked and drums are battered, like Working Men’s Club covering The Fall, as Davey sings the coda, ‘what will the U.S. do?’

You can guess from the title of the track and the lyric samples that this surely ironically named band are here to take things to task. Generation Game is an opus over nearly six minutes, and is a vital racket.


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