Cabbage release new single You’ve Made An Art Form (From Falling To Pieces)

Cabbage performing @ Live At Leeds 2018 (Gary Mather / Live4ever)

Cabbage performing @ Live At Leeds (Gary Mather / Live4ever)

Cabbage have released a new track, their first since last year’s standalone single Torture.

“After much deliberation, we feel that the time is right to share this,” Joe Martin says of You’ve Made An Art Form (From Falling To Pieces). “The chorus line actually originated in a Coronation Street script in 1988, with Deirdre remarking to Ken: ‘I wonder what advanced state of dither we’ll find you in today, Ken, you make an art form from falling to pieces.’ We don’t mind sharing our complete love and adoration for those old, hilariously crafted dialogues.”

It points the way towards a second studio album from the band after 2018’s debut Nihilistic Glamour Shots; “Having a conscience doesn’t preclude making great music (as all the previously listed bands have proven) and whilst the rumbling swagger of Arms Of Pleonexia sounds like an unlikely jab for a song about wanton materialism, it’s still full of primal, low foreheaded fun for the rest of us,” our review reads.

“They can also do full throttle, two-fingers-up punk just as effectively, as demonstrated on Post Modernist Caligula and Molotov Alcopop, the latter probably the moment at which diffidence and passive aggression meet each other in a shoulder-shrugging head on.”

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