SOAK posts cover of The National’s Bloodbuzz Ohio

SOAK by Ellius Grace

Ellius Grace

“There’s something so special about the imagery The National manages to create within their music and I often catch myself imagining each song as its own movie trailer, I love the manic world this song creates,” SOAK has said after sharing her cover of the band’s brooding, High Violet classic Bloodbuzz Ohio.

The cover follows the release of Bridie Monds-Watson’s Grim Town album earlier this year, which we described as ‘a complicated one, an assemblage of parts which at times manages to cut through its own contrivances and make you care deeply about every character wrapped up in it’:

“Even when striving so desperately to be true to yourself, a person’s life can still be defined by the actions of others and the relationships we pursue that we would do better to leave alone,” the review reads.

“Grim Town’s vacuum doesn’t exclude those people; the sombre Everybody Loves You deals with the isolation of being fossilised in your own feelings, while the doused strings and poise of Valentine Schmalentine are a token of when the final beads of loving warmth were still connecting, like hands wrapped tight around the thorns of a rose.”

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