black midi make US television debut on Chicago’s WGN Morning News

black midi @ SXSW 2019 (Sam Huddleston / Live4ever)

black midi @ SXSW 2019 (Sam Huddleston / Live4ever)

black midi have made their US television debut, and the unlikely hosts were Chicago’s WGN Morning News.

The band are currently touring North America and aired Near DT, MI from this year’s essential debut album Schlagenheim. “Amidst all the arguments this album will inevitably stir up, there’s more than a kernel here of young genius at work,” our review reads.

“Schlagenheim may eventually shred the tense, dry as hell funk which it begins with, but the ultimate blasts are one of a rare precision.”

“Closer Ducter is by contrast a journey, a story made up from foreboding, tension and crescendo, poetry and science torn to pieces in a frenetic, disorientating finish that defies description.”

“It’s easy to say that this ending feels like the screech of madness, but underneath it all black midi are in control, as if happy to pay the price if their walk along the tightrope is one that frees a hundred others. Many will have howled at those first primordial sounds thousands of years ago, as they might from Schlagenheim’s naked provocation.”

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