William Doyle unveils new album Your Wilderness Revisited, Design Guide single featuring Brian Eno

William Doyle chats with Live4ever at SXSW (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

William Doyle chats with Live4ever at SXSW (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

William Doyle will release his new album Your Wilderness Revisited on October 18th.

The first since 2015’s Culture Of Volume ultimately proved to be the final one under his Mercury-nominated East India Youth project, the album will be self-released by Doyle via The Orchard, featuring guest appearances from writer and filmmaker Jonathan Meades, saxophonist Laura Misch and Brian Eno.

“This album has been rattling inside of me for over 10 years now,” Doyle reveals. “When I left the suburb I spent my entire teenage life in, I started to think back to it and notice the influence it had on me, on my art, and on my development as a person.”

“The architecture and the planning of the modern British suburb influenced this album as much as the experiences and emotions I superimposed upon that landscape at a formative age. I started creating in these places, I started to expand myself in these places, I grappled with grief and loss in these places. I realised that I wouldn’t be alone in having these experiences here, and so I thought there should be a way of redefining or reimagining these places that painted a different picture of them in our collective consciousness.”

“These weren’t just places to escape to the nearest city from – perhaps they held as much truth and beauty in them as anywhere else. This album is, in part, an interrogation and excavation of that truth and beauty.”

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