Squid unveil new single Match Bet with their Town Centre EP due in September

Squid by Holly Whitaker

Holly Whitaker

Squid have unveiled new single Match Bet with their Town Centre EP due on September 6th.

“Match Bet revolves around a character that lives within the same universe as The Cleaner,” Ollie Judge remarks. “The song is told from the perspective of a Sonic Youth super fan living with mental illness, whom was a regular at a shop I used to work in. His harmless demeanour and manic, long conversations about gambling, his relationship with Her Majesty The Queen and love for Sonic Youth was extremely helpful for me in that period of my life.

“I found it interesting how his manic-ness opened me up a bit in a time where I could have quite easily just blended into the paintwork and kept quiet.”

Squid were back with producer Dan Carey for the EP which is out via his Speedy Wunderground label. They’ve got lots of European touring coming up, continuing today at Into The Great Wide Open in the Netherlands.

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