New Music Friday: The Vryll Society – Course Of The Satellite

Course Of The Satellite

The Vryll Society have today released their debut album Course Of The Satellite – check it out on Live4ever below via Spotify.

A long-awaited final product crafted with time and patience, it contains singles such as Light At The Edge Of The World and Andrei Rublev as well as Shadow Of A Wave – one of Live4ever’s tracks of 2017. On that theme, our review concluded, ‘Good things come to those who wait then, and Course Of A Satellite is a true testament to that‘:

“The title-track sets the album’s stall out, it being a burst of sunshine with pin-tight guitars and feather-light, layered vocals, a perfect late accompaniment to the heatwave the UK has been we enjoying/enduring since late June. The music is held together intricately and yet each member is given ample opportunity to shine; A Perfect Rhythm is unsurprisingly powered by the same section, all looping bass and shuffling drums, while Andrei Rublev is pure guitar heaven.”

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