William Doyle shares post-East India Youth track Millersdale

East India Youth

William Doyle chats with Live4ever at SXSW (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

William Doyle has shared some new material after bringing his Mercury-nominated East India Youth project to an end in 2016.

“The video creates a world hovering between a banal suburb and an uncanny memory,” he says of Millersdale. “The contrast between dark and veils of glistening light in the film mirrors the song’s extremities: of the darkness of grief and overwhelming emotion, but also its exhilarating bursts of hope and potential.”

“The feeling of being on the cusp of becoming who you are when everything seems vivid and endless and tangible – a sensation you can grasp without realising what it is you have in your hand.”

Live4ever sat down with Doyle at the South By Southwest Festival not long before he brought East India Youth to a close. “I don’t consider myself part of any scene or something like that,” he had reflected.

“For me, it’s interesting, I’m incorporating elements of indie rock and electronic music, or songwriting or instrumental stuff. That is what keeps me going, incorporating and blending all those influences in one.”

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