Trampolene’s mini-albums and EPs will be brought together on new compilation

Trampolene 3

Trampolene performing at the London Scala (Alberto Pezzali / Live4ever)

Tracks from Trampolene‘s series of mini-albums and EPs which preceded the release of their debut album Swansea To Hornsey last year will be brought together on September 7th.

The collection, entitled You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two thanks to a fans’ vote, will make some material available on CD and vinyl for the first time; the 28 tracks being spread over both double vinyl and double CD formats.

“Trampolene are seemingly looking at the point when life’s tragedies and victories meet,” we said of Swansea To Hornsey, a Live4ever album of 2017. “It seems to dominate the record, and nowhere is that better summed up than on Artwork Of Youth, a potent reminder of why music is so important not only for the audience but for the musicians themselves.”

“And this theme echoes throughout the record. Whether Jack Jones is tearing into something or reflecting on something, it’s invariably the grey areas that form most peoples lives and what makes this record so fascinating.”

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