Starcrawler Interview: Sorry we’re like, cool…


Henri Cash and Arrow de Wilde of Starcrawler (photo: Paul Bachmann)

Ozzy, The Stooges, Keith Moon, David Bowie – their influences might scream 70s rock as loud as their onstage performances, but Starcrawler aren’t necessarily hankering for a bygone golden age of the music they love the most.

“It’d be really fun,” singer Arrow told us at the Live4ever Lounge during the 2018 South By Southwest Festival. “Who knows if our band would do well, but it would be definitely really fun.” The rock quartet is this year’s recipient of the prestigious Grulke Prize, an award given to the best new developing U.S act at the festival.

As for drummer Austin:

“We’re happy to be in this era doing what we’re doing. I’m happy to be making music like this now currently because it gets people excited and interested in music I also listened to when I was younger.”

“It’s cool seeing people excited because they haven’t seen stuff like ours in a while. But then again it also kind of sucks because people will be like, ‘oh you’re just a nostalgia band’, and it’s like, ‘no we’re just not a sh***y DJ or something. Sorry we’re like, cool…”

Check out the video interview below or on Youtube for much more on Starcrawler’s early life, including recording on analog in the studio with Ryan Adams:

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