Photos: DIIV continue ‘Is The Is Are’ UK tour in London

DIIV (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever Media)

DIIV (Photo: Alberto Pezzali for Live4ever Media)

DIIV are currently out touring their magnificent 2016 album ‘Is The Is Are‘, and were in London last night (March 18th) when Live4ever’s Alberto Pezzali captured the snaps.

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Led by Zachary Cole Smith, the band continues their UK touring in Nottingham tonight, and have more shows coming up in Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and finally Liverpool.

“There are two ways to listen to ‘Is The Is Are’,” our album review reads. “One is to let Smith’s hazy vocals mingle down into the rapid, metronomic drumming, the precisely picked guitar lines and driving bass all held inside a fat shell of reverb.”

“This is rewarding enough in itself – the tunes are a rich basket of melodies (‘Out Of Mind‘, ‘Loose Ends‘ and ‘Healthy Moon‘ to name three) pulled and plucked from shoegazers’ laces and darkwavers’ mascaraed eyelashes.”

“The other way is to pick out Smith’s lyrics, no simple task given the gossamery production (Smith self-produced the album because he’s a self-confessed ‘control freak’), and listen to the drug references that pepper it.”

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