New Order preview ‘Singularity’ single with Liars’ remix

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

We’ve got more of New Order‘s ‘Singularity‘ single for you today in the form of Liars‘ remix.

The 12″ version of the single will feature a number of alternate mixes from guest artists; Erol Alkan‘s reworking has already been shared, while Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers and JS Zeiter are contributing too. It’s out on March 25th, helping to keep last year’s ‘Music Complete‘ album fresh in the memory.

“It’s probably inappropriate, but let’s go back to Peter Hook now for a final thought on chemistry,” our review reads. “When this writer spoke to him in 2012 about the experience of recording ‘Technique’ he was typically honest: ‘There was quite a lot of tension in the band when we made Technique. It was a weird contradiction not liking each other but at the same time making a great album, but Tony Wilson said to us afterwards that artists have to hate each other to make great music’.”

“Bold, creative and without doubt a tour-de-force, as ‘Music Complete’ however proves, even visionaries like Wilson himself are sometimes wrong.”

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