Treetop Flyers upload video for ’31 Years’

Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers have shared their video for ‘31 Years‘, which is leading off the new album ‘Palomino’, out on February 26th.

It’s an album which is set to document a band dealing with loss of various forms after the release of their debut album ‘The Mountain Moves’.

“We’d been through a lot individually and collectively,” singer Reid Morrison has said. “Coming together to make this record was very therapeutic for us, in a sense. It brought us closer and allowed us to let go of a lot of the bullshit that we’d had to endure and negotiate in the past.”

The band found solace and sanctuary inside their own Soup Studios in London, as drummer Tomer Danan explained:

“It was important for us to free ourselves from some of the ideas we had about ourselves and maybe a bit of what people seemed to think about us from an outside perspective, which was largely based on one song, letting in more of our influences from 70’s Nigerian psych rock/pop to jazz and a whole lot in between.”

“How that all gets filtered through us as individuals and as a group is what you are hearing, and that’s still changing all the time.”

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