Beach House post three tracks from new album ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars‘


Beach House are previewing their new album ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars‘ with three new songs that have been posted on their official website.

The LP is swiftly succeeding August’s ‘Depression Cherry‘ on October 16th.  “It’s an album being released the way we want,” the duo explained on Twitter.

“It’s not a companion to ‘Depression Cherry’ or a surprise or b-sides. It was recorded at the same time as ‘Depression Cherry’, but for us, it’s very much a different record. All of its songs were written after the DC songs. Along the way we realized that we didn’t want it to be released in the traditional manner.”

Meanwhile, in our review of ‘Depression Cherry’, we concluded:

“Having professed tonal harks back to their older albums, yes, any of this collection could anonymously slip in somewhere between those numbers, but then again they wouldn’t sound so incongruous on the later albums either, because Beach House has created nothing significantly different here, instead carrying on the drifty cirrus sounds that their whole career has been based on.”

“This is anything but a criticism and even if this isn’t their best album to date, the idle energy on offer is worth it. It always is.”

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