Unknown Mortal Orchestra reveal video for ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’


Unknown Mortal Orchestra have revealed the video for their recent single ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone‘, directed by Dimitri Basil and Cooper Roussel.

“‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’ is so full of sounds and its lyrics are so elusive so I decided that one idea wouldn’t do the track justice,” Basil explains.

“My approach was to present the multiple ideas as if they were a trading card deck. Trading cards, like Mars Attacks, have a short description accompanied by illustrations. In this case the deck is about strange occurrences, syndromes or phenomena.”

Already busy with live duties around the world during the rest of 2015, the band are also promising details of new tour dates for 2016 in the near future as they look to keep this year’s third studio album ‘Multi-Love‘ alive and kicking.

“What really makes this album exceptional though is that if one dissects it into its elements, it’s an expansive library of sound history,” our review concludes.

“Yet taken as a whole, it offers a look into the future: in a world of ever-increasing technology and accelerating creation, a pastiche of synthetic sounds is the key to being unique.”

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