The Vaccines: ‘People just aren’t ambitious in rock music’

The Vaccines (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

The Vaccines (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

The Vaccines have pushed for a sound very much of the here and now on their third album ‘English Graffiti‘, which will be released a little later this year.

When speaking to NME, frontman Justin Young confirmed the new ideas explored on the 2013 ‘Melody Calling‘ EP continued as they worked on a follow-up 2011’s ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age‘ with an eye on a perceived ‘lack of ambition’ in rock music.

“I started to feel that being timeless isn’t a good thing. I wanted to make a record that was important in 2015 and sound like 2015, sonically and emotionally,” he said. “People just aren’t ambitious in rock music. If you take hip-hop or pop, they’re a lot more adventurous, they break a lot more rules. If you listen to some of the stuff on the radio right now, it’s fucking far out.”

“We wanted to make something that sounds amazing next year and then terrible in 10 years! If you listen to anything from the 1990s now, it sounds fucking awful, but that’s part of its identity.”

First single ‘Handsome‘ has already been shared by the band and can be heard here.

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