The Prodigy have new songs ready for Sonisphere headline

prodigy-300x221The Prodigy will have new songs ready to go when they headline Sonisphere this weekend.

“We’ll be playing a couple of new songs,” Liam Howlett tells Digital Spy. “I mean, I always say if I go and see a new band, there’s nothing worse than going to see a band that plays just loads and loads of stuff people don’t know.”

“It’s about getting the balance right really, so we’ve got a tune, ‘Rottweiler’, we’re playing, which is a new version of it. People haven’t had that yet – we’ve only played it in Russia once – so we’ll be playing that and maybe something else.”

After a couple of years of financial difficulties, Sonisphere is returning for 2014 to celebrate 40 years of rock concerts at Knebworth Park, where the likes of Oasis and Led Zeppelin have played career-defining shows.

Also headlining between July 4th-6th are hard rock heavyweights Metallica and Iron Maiden.

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