Chris Martin, Cat Power duet for Wish I Was Here OST premiered

Chris Martin (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

Chris Martin (Photo: Paul Bachmann for Live4ever)

The Chris Martin/Cat Power duet which will form a part of the official soundtrack to Zach Braff’s new film Wish I Was Here has been made available online.

The track has been premiered over on NPR, who have also been chatting with Braff about its genesis. “Chris had the idea that it would be sung by a woman,” he said.

“I thought that was a genius idea, because one of the things the film is about is a strong woman becoming the matriarch of her family. When Chris and I were talking, we both kind of simultaneously said, ‘Cat Power.’ I reached out to Chan Marshall and she and I met and really clicked. I set her up to watch the film in her apartment. The whole time she was watching she kept texting me all the different parts she was loving. She said yes the instant it was over.”

The Wish I Was Here soundtrack is also notable for containing a previously unheard Bon Iver track entitled ‘Heavenly Father‘, giving Justin Vernon‘s neglected fanbase a first taste of new material from the band since the 2011 self-titled second album.

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