‘Music tourism’ pumped billions into the UK economy during 2012


Photo: Live4ever Media

‘Music tourism’ helped to pump billions into the UK economy last year, a new study has found.

The Wish You Were Here report conducted jointly by Visit Britain and UK Music found that 6.5 million people visited the UK during 2012 specifically for a festival or live gig, putting £2.2bn into the coffers in the process with various tourism and hospitality industries also directly benefitting.

“The total direct and indirect spend of £2.2bn is incredibly impressive in a year that had its own problems,” UK Music’s chief executive Jo Dipple told Music Week.

“The fact there are six-and-a half-million tourists is very impressive and the fact that 6% of overseas tourists spend 20% of the money is a great target for us and VisitBritain to get more overseas tourists here because they spend the most money.”

In total, music lovers from overseas made up 41% of audiences at music events in the UK last year.

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