Live4ever’s New Tunes Guide feat. Suburban Dirts, Reporters and more

Live4ever’s New Tunes Guide presents highlights today from Suburban Dirts and Reporters.

Hertfordshire based six-piece Suburban Dirts release their second album on November 18th and mark out the likes of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and The Band as chief inspirations. On our featured track ‘Lost In Transcription’ they immediately show-off a very ‘Bringing It All Back Home’-era sound, specifically as if they have been to bed and shared Dylan’s 115th dream.

The guitar-drummer-duo stable has attained another resident in the form of Reporters – teenagers Dan Stock and Josh Ringsell. ‘Meet Me In The Morning’ provides another Dylan link to this week’s guide and is acting as the lead for their ‘Trouble Last Morning’ EP, which will arrive on October 28th. The EP took just one day to record when Dan and Josh met up at Soup Studios in London.

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Red Nightfall began as a creative outlet for friends Jason McLean (guitar), Patrick Illian (bass) and Addison Siemko (vocals, guitar) while they attended their respective universities. Relocating to Toronto in 2010, they were joined by drummer Welland Sin to complete their line-up. They released their eponymous full length debut October 20th 2011 and have now followed it up with a five song EP titled ‘Late in the Fever’.”

“Following on from the debut EP ‘These Streets’, The Graphite Set – AKA Lily Buchanan – returns with ‘Grayson Perry’, the new single out 14th October. Recorded at Real World Studios, and produced by Ed Seed and Ali Staton, ‘Grayson Perry’ is backed by the track ‘Time’, which was recorded at House of Strange Studios and features Kathrine Blamire from Smoke Fairies on guitar.”

Nancy was formed in 2006 by four folks in their hometown Jyväskylä, in the cold north of Finland. The first full-length studio album ‘IDDQD’ was released in August 2013 and led to intensive touring.”

Suburban Dirts are a Herts based 6 piece folk/alt. country band taking their lead from the likes of Ryan Adams, The Band, Justin Townes Earle, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley. The band’s second album – ‘a tiny little island in the big bad sea’ – is due to hit the shops and download stores on 18th November.”

Paul Orwell is described as a ‘singer/songwriter/troubadour’ and has uploaded the tracks ‘Little Reason’ and ‘Let Me Catch My Breath’ to Soundcloud. A video for the former is promised very soon.

“Following the release of the debut EP ‘Somebody Else’ earlier this year, New York based alt-pop artist Sheare is back with free download ‘Never Enough’. “The song is about giving yourself to someone/something that doesn’t ever reciprocate,” frontman Brandon Sheer explains. The track features mixing from Grammy Award Winning producer/mixer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.”

Reporters are a rock n roll duo of teenagers Dan Stock (lead vocalist/guitarist) and Josh Ringsell (drums/backing vocals). ‘Meet Me In The Morning’ is taken from the ‘Trouble Last Morning’ EP, out 28th October on Phret Records. The EP was recorded in analogue form in one day at Soup Studios, London.”

John Parkes is an acoustic songwriter/singer based in Leeds. He has previously played in various indie guitar bands, Fuzzbird, Greenhouse, The Chorus and the Sinister Cleaners. He now fronts Leeds based Whole Sky Monitor. John Peel played something from every record John made over a period of 14 years.”

Hollow & Akimbo are duo Jon Visger and Brian Konicek, and just released the debut EP ‘Pseudoscience’. In celebration of the release, the band have shared EP cut ‘Still Life’. Recording together at home in basements, bedrooms, attics, and closets, Hollow & Akimbo have written, recorded, mixed and mastered ‘Pseudoscience’.”

The Lampshades formed in 2003 as teenagers in the Altoona, Pennsylvania area with two of three present members in this original lineup; guitarist/vocalist Jaren Love and bassist Chris Kibler. The band put out two releases while still in high school, but had a significant change when adding drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dane Adelman in 2007. They put out the record ‘Are Alright’ in 2008, produced by Adelman.”

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