Foals eyeing up ‘weird experimental music’


Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has said the band ‘have always wanted to make weird experimental music’ as they plot their next move following the continued success of the 2013 ‘Holy Fire‘ album.

“Things are going well, and there’s a reaction in the band to go the opposite way,” Philippakis told the Daily Star. “We keep telling our record label we’d like to make a triple album of stoner metal and old-school jungle, or one long drone that lasts 70 minutes. We’ve always wanted to make weird experimental music.”

Foals have proved to be that rarest of things – a band to survive the commercial indie boom of 2007 by focusing on gradual evolution over retreading a tired, rehashed formula. Reading/Leeds organiser Melvin Benn has now cited them as a strong possibility to headline the festival in the future.

“We’ve been dragged kicking and screaming to get this level of success,” Yannis continued. “Pop songs were always within us, but we used to censor ourselves. We had a punk guilt about making simple three-minute songs. We’ve shed that because we do love pop and we’ve gradually wanted to make music that communicates to more people.”

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