Mumford & Sons would have cancelled summer gigs if Ted Dwane had been unable to play live


Marcus Mumford has confirmed Mumford & Sons would have cancelled their entire summer programme had bass player Ted Dwane not recovered from emergency brain surgery in time to fulfill his live duties with the band.

In declaring that ‘the four of us play or we don’t play’, Mumford told BBC Newsbeat the group’s recent high profile UK dates at Glastonbury and London’s Olympic Park would have been pulled if Dwane’s sudden illness had prevented him from performing so soon after surgery.

“We would have cancelled the whole summer because it’s way more important that he’s OK,” Mumford says. “It was serious and he needed help and he got help and he smashed it.”

“We play, the four of us, or we don’t play. The experience kind of galvanized that opinion for us. I think it was especially worrying for him and his girlfriend and his family. It was stressful but the doctors were amazing and the whole thing went as smoothly as it could have when that kind of thing happens. Thank God he’s fine.”

With Dwane’s rapid recovery meaning in the end only a handful of US dates were postponed, Mumford & Sons have now seen their second album ‘Babel‘ return to the top of the UK charts after their headline appearance at Glastonbury 2013 went ahead as scheduled.

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