Morrissey ‘almost died’ after serious illnesses earlier this year

By Live4ever - Posted on 06 Jul 2013 at 5:29am


Morrissey has revealed doctors told him the series of illnesses which eventually ended a North American tour earlier this year almost killed him.

As he prepares to reintegrate himself with life on the road in a few days time with the launch of a South American tour, Morrissey has told the Chilean newspaper La Tercera that the bleeding ulcer, double pneumonia and Barrett’s oesophagus he suffered with were life threatening.

“It was terrible,” he remembers. “I had played in January in Ohio, and I was perfect, but the next night at the hotel I collapsed. I lost consciousness and when I recovered, I was covered in black blood and did not know what it was.”

“I spent over four weeks on a drip, but I refused a blood transfusion. I managed to do some more shows in the US, but when I arrived in Mexico the doctors told me to stop. Not being able to finish the tour was devastating, but doctors warned me: ‘A few weeks ago you almost died, and now you say you’ll do 18 shows more? Are you trying to kill yourself?’ In fact, I think that was what I was doing.”

Two shows at the Jockey Club in Lima, Peru begin the tour on July 9th and 10th.

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