Workers injured after screen collapse at Ultra Music Festival

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Two workers have been injured after sections of an LED screen collapsed during preparations for this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

The Associated Press has reported that the, ‘Fire marshal, structural engineers, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration representative, and city police and fire officials plan to review the accident scene on Friday’, while a Miami fire and rescue spokesman added:

“Once we get the approval that everything is structurally sound, we’ll go ahead and allow the event promoter to open up the finished stage.”

The incident follows a number of fatal accidents during the past couple of years at various festival and indoor music events. Yesterday, Ultra Music organisers released a statement which read:

“Today (Thursday, March 14) as preparations were being made for this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, a section of an LED screen fell and injured two workers. Fire Rescue was on site so there was a rapid response. Festival organizers are working with, and supporting, authorities as they investigate the details behind the accident.”

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