The Horrors confirm September album release


The Horrors have told NME they hope to have their latest studio album released in September.

Band member Tom Cowan confirmed sessions for the follow-up to the band’s well received third record ‘Skying‘ have been going well, and will eventually reflect a different sound when compared to its predecessor.

“It’s going really well,” he said. “We’re most of the way there in terms of getting the songs together, and we’ve got a month more or so of writing and then we’re gonna go on tour, we’re aiming to be finished in September. The album’s going to be out in September.”

“Its different, but I don’t really wanna say anything because people will get the wrong idea,” Cowan continues. “But it is different and it’s possibly our best album yet. But that’s always a matter of opinion, I guess.”

‘Skying’ featured prominently in Live4ever’s essential albums of 2011 rundown after being described as, ‘Experimental, luridly romantic, postmodern and a sonic journey into 80s post-punk dynamism’.

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