Suede originally planned just one reunion gig


Suede frontman Brett Anderson has said the band had originally planned to immediately disappear following their first reunion show in 2010.

“It started off when we first got back together in 2010,” Anderson has said in an interview with Spotify when looking at the beginnings of their new album ‘Bloodsports‘.

“Our first thought wasn’t to make a new album; it was just to do one gig, thinking that would be a cool thing to do. We thought it would be really elegant, there’s something quite Suede-ish about it. The gig was, inevitably, kind of amazing, and we couldn’t leave it.”

Instead, the group went on to perform a number of shows during the following months, and began tentatively discussing the idea of a new record soon after.

“It was like picking a scab, so we carried on playing and really, really enjoyed it,” Anderson continues. “We felt energised, hungry for it again. We’ve genuinely loved playing together for the last couple of years.”


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