Noel Gallagher: Traditional pop music is ‘dead’


Noel Gallagher has said the pop music of his childhood and beyond, when bands including The Beatles, The Kinks and the Sex Pistols dominated the charts, ‘is dead as a fucking dodo’.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Gallagher went on to reiterate his belief that the current consumer driven market will prevent new music scenes organically emerging into the mainstream in the way movements such as punk and house have done in the past.

“The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks – that’s gone now and will never be repeated. In the mid-’90s, it was the bands and a small group of fans that had ownership of it,” he states.

“Now it’s the consumer that drives it, so music will go wherever the consumer demands that it goes. We will not have another punk, or another acid house, or another Britpop. That’s a fact because the consumer gets what he wants, and the consumer don’t know shit.”

“If you’d asked the consumer in the middle of prog-rock, What do you want next year? He’s not going to say, I want Johnny Rotten, is he? And in 1986, the consumer who’s knee-deep in fucking synth-pop, he’s not gonna go, A new drug, flares, techno beats and smoke machines, is he?”

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