Mick Jagger pulls out of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Davos party

mickjaggerThe Rolling Stones‘ frontman Sir Mick Jagger has cancelled an appearance at a party being organised by UK Prime Minister David Cameron after news of his invitation caused much debate in the press.

Jagger had been booked as the star attraction for an event in Davos arranged by David Cameron’s office aimed at promoting Britain, but has now released a statement announcing his withdrawal due to what he says are inaccurate comments about his ‘political allegiances’.

“During my career I have always eschewed party politics and came to Davos as a guest, as I thought it would be stimulating,” the statement reads. “I have always been interested in economics and world events.”

“I now find myself being used as a political football and there has been a lot of comment about my political allegiances which are inaccurate. I think it’s best I decline the invitation to the key event and curtail my visit.”

Another invitation Rolling Stones fans will be more keen for Jagger to take up is Keith Richards‘, who has made no secret of his desire to get the various Stones members together this year for rehearsals ahead of a rumoured 50th anniversary tour.

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