The Strokes Hope To Begin Work On New Album ‘As Soon As Possible’

thestrokesThe Strokes appear to be itching to put the delays and problems which affected their long-awaited 2011 album ‘Angles‘ behind them, and have said they want new material finished ‘as soon as possible’.

Bass player Nickolai Fraiture told Rolling Stone while the early writing processes are not differing from their ‘Angles’ sessions, the band are this time keen on getting things finished much quicker.

“We’re kind of doing the same thing as the last record, we’re bringing in parts and ideas and kind of just working on those and trying to make sense of them, coming from five different people,” he said. “If we could do it tomorrow, that’d be great. But yeah, as soon as possible I think.”

However, band mate Albert Hammond Jr did offer a word of caution, hinting that while they may be aiming to work at an increased pace, any new album is still very much in its embryonic stage. “Let’s get songs first,” he declared, “and then think about recording.”

‘Angles’ finally followed 2006’s ‘First Impressions Of Earth‘ in March this year, though the various issues which surrounded its creation resulted in a largely inconsistent effort from the New York five-piece.


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