John Lydon Attacks Ozzy Osbourne For Promoting ‘Loser Lifestyle’

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Outspoken Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has set his sights on a new target this week, in the shape of rock veteran Ozzy Osbourne.

Lydon told the Sunday Mercury that Ozzy’s four decades of living the rock n roll lifestyle has amounted to a ‘sly innuendo of promoting drug use’, and also attacked him for selling a ‘loser lifestyle’.

“’Paranoid‘ was one of the world’s greatest ever singles, but since then, the rumours of biting pigeon heads really, really haven’t impressed me,” he declared. “Ozzy now acting like a senile delinquent is equally unimpressive. The sly innuendo of promoting drug abuse and catatonic stupidity offends me.

“I’m not one for banning drugs, quite the opposite. But I understand how to use them, and they don’t use me. Ozzy is clearly a victim, and selling that loser lifestyle shit to other people equally victimises them.”

“That’s a shame. Ozzy’s a working class man, like me, yet he allows that to happen. By acting like he does all the time, he implies that we’re all stupid, the working classes. But we’re not, you know. We’re not! We’re the proper Britain, us lot.”

John Lydon is currently promoting his innovative new biography ‘Mr. Rotten’s Scrapbook‘, which won the Best Book prize at last month’s NME Awards.

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