The Pogues’ Upcoming US Tour ‘Will Be Their Last’

By Live4ever - Posted on 28 Feb 2011 at 5:57am

thepoguesThe Pogues‘ forthcoming ‘A Parting Glass…‘ tour will be their last in the US, according to band member ‘Spider’ Stacy.

The future of the band has been unclear since the announcement of a ‘Farewell’ winter tour of the UK last year, which was at the time claimed by The Pogues’ guitarist Phil Chevron to be nothing more than a ‘marketing ploy’, while ‘Spider’ Stacy also insisted the tour’s banner was simply a reference to their decision to end their annual winter tours.

Now, when making the new announcement to Billboard, Stacy has again claimed the end of the band is not imminent, but does represent a slowing down of their touring commitments after over three decades of gigging.

“I think we are basically pretty certain this is the last tour of this type we’ll be doing in the States,” he said. “There might be the odd sort of one-off here and there. We’re not saying this is absolutely, definitely the end.”

The Pogues’ US tour is due to begin in Chicago on March 3rd.

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