Rock & Pop’s Top Earners in 2010

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US rockers Bon Jovi have this year’s highest grossing concert tour, according to a trade publication.
The veteran rock group sold $201 million worth of tickets for their ‘The Circle‘ world tour, Pollstar magazine reports. This comes as a surprise as the 2009 album did not  shift copies very well.

The Telegraph further reports that even though over all sales slid in a tough economy Bon Jovi still was able come out strong. Reports from Pollstar showed that sales for the top 50 tours worldwide fell 12 per cent to $2.93 billion. The top 50 tours dropped 15 per cent to $1.69 billion in North America alone.

Aussie rockers AC/DC came in second grossing $177 million , making all their money overseas. Irish mega stars U2 followed closely making $160.9 million.

As infrastructure improves across the former Soviet bloc and Asia, overseas tours are increasingly becoming more lucrative for musicians Pollstar said.

Pop’s reigning queen Lady Gaga was able to break up the list which was dominated by rock acts and squeeze in at #4 with $133.6 million earned. The singer played 138 shows to her army of fans (little monsters), more than any other musician in the top 10.

By contrast the veterans Bon Jovi, only played 80 shows. AC/DC (40 shows) and U2 (32 shows)

Headbangers Metallica played 60 overseas shows relying on their extensive catalogue – fans flocked to their shows which gave the band $110.1 million and a #5 spot.

2010 Top Earners (Concert Tours)

1) Bon Jovi ($201 million)
2) AC/DC ($177 million)
3) U2 ($160.9 million)
4) Lady Gaga ($133.6 million)
5) Metallica ($110.1 million)
6) Michael Buble ($104.2 million),
7) The “Walking with Dinosaurs” live family show ($104.1 million),
8 ) Paul McCartney ($93 million),
9) The Eagles ($92.3 million)
10) Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters ( $89.5 million).

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