Free Groove Armada Track Featuring Bryan Ferry


“How can a tune invoke both a smoky Parisian café glinting with the reflections of lost loves and early David Bowie? Bryan Ferry keeps his legendary Roxy Music roots front and center on this exclusive Groove Armada tune—replete with a downtempo melody, piano keys and a plaintive beat that turns tempestuous. It’s Groove Armada—sexy’s a given! But there’s something more intellectual at play; it’s clear this sound is more dance-informed progression than chillout track. ” – RCRD LBL

Click HERE to Download “Shameless (featuring Bryan Ferry)” from RCRD LBL

Click HERE to Download “I Won’t Kneel (Treasure Fingers Epicwave Remix)

Checkout their video for the new single Paper Romance, out Feb 22, taken from the forthcoming Black Light album which is out March 2nd on OM Records. (US tour dates to be announce shortly)

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