Sex Pistols’ John Lydon Lashes out at UK’s Top Bands


John Lydon is annoyed and has no problem with letting the music world know about it. The Sex Pistol legend, who is currently reforming his other band Public Image Ltd, complains that bands don’t credit his style as influencing them enough.

‘Mr Rotten’ explains : “I’m still hearing records coming out that mimic our style, but they don’t give us credit.

Lydon then continues by singling out Oasis in his rant: “I’m a bit annoyed, because I’ve never done anything in my life to be like somebody else. Oasis annoy me, you know? The voice annoys me. He could’ve come up with his own thing.”

But the buck didn’t stop there as Coldplay and Radiohead lead men Chris Martin and Thom Yorke also got some further tongue lashing from John who suggests that they don’t care about their fans.

He said: “Coldplay and Radiohead bug the hell out of me because it’s so soulless. It just seems pointless. It’s nice, but it’s tosh. They don’t care about you. They care about lining their coffers.”

He added: “There’s nothing about heart and soul, they don’t know about people dying, living, aspiring.”

Chris Martin is so concerned by what his fans think he can barely stay sane.

With this in mind we thought we’d leave you with one of Mr Lydon’s recent artistic endeavors:

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