New Foo Fighters & Them Crooked Vultures Albums Planned

grohlDave  Grohl confirmed last week that his new band ‘Them Crooked Vultures” was not just a one shot deal and called the  group featuring Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones a long term project.

Grohl will be working with the new band and also continue on projects with Foo Fighters he told the BBC.

The “supergroup’s ”  self-titled debut album was released in  November after making their UK live debut supporting Arctic Monkeys in August in London.

Dave explained : “You put the three of us together in a room something, is going to happen. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble making five, six, seven records if we want to. It’s just a matter of when and where and how.”

‘Fun band’

He added: “I wouldn’t want to stop doing it – it’s a fun band to be in.”

Grohl, who plays drums in the band, revealed that althought  they had some unfinished material lying around from their first album sessions, he would not be neglicting new Foo Fighters projects and added that there would be a new album “at some point – definetely”

He pointed out : “It is tough because doing this is the greatest thing in the world and our other bands are awesome too. It’s just a matter of trying to figure out how to do them all. We’re here now and it’s a nice place to be.”

Them Crooked Vultures self titled debut Album from 2009:

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