Queen Star Brian May Hails Muse’s New Album

Brian May

Brian May

Brian May, lead guitarist of legendary rock band Queen, has hailed Muse’s new album ‘The Resistance‘ after the band revealed the record had been partly inspired by May’s group.

Last month, Muse drummer Dom Howard briefly discussed the apparent influence of Queen on the track ‘United States of Eurasia‘, saying: “I guess people have thought it sounds a bit like Queen, particularly that big chord and the big harmonies. When we did that in the studio we laughed a lot because it was so uplifting. It’s a real chest out, hand in the air moment in the song.”

Now in an interview with the BBC, May appeared to be delighted to be linked to the Devon band. “I love it, I think it’s great stuff,” he said. “I think they’re very good boys and extremely talented, and like us they have their tongue in cheek a lot of the time.”

“They said they liked us and that we’ve been an influence, which is obviously nice for someone like me to hear,” said May. They are extraordinary musicians. Real virtuosos – much more than I am. I like the way they let their madness show through, always a good thing in an artist.”

‘The Resistance’ was a huge world-wide hit after it’s release last month, hitting the top spot in no less than 19 countries.

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