Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green Line Reveals Autumn/Winter Collection

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Amidst this weekend’s whirlwind of events over in the Oasis camp there is still business to be done in the world of fashion . Our friends and frequent contributors at were invited to an exclusive preview of the new Autumn Winter 09 collection from Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green clothing label. For the past 4 weeks, the industry’s top retailers have been viewing the range and along with 20 ‘Premium members’ of the brand, SCYHO were given access to the new range and we were sent their exclusive report:

Developments over the past 48 hours have brought new interest into Noel and Liam’s extra curricular activities and over the coming weeks, Pretty Green will be under the spotlight more than ever before. It seems that if ever there was a time to launch properly into the fashion community beyond simply being ‘Liam’s side project’ then this is the time. And to say fans won’t be disappointed is an understatement.

When people first heard Oasis, it was something completely new, with a nod to retro styles and ideas, Liam and the band created something fresh and exciting that hadn’t been heard or seen in years. After an introductory glimpse this summer into what Liam is offering in the way of clobber, the new Autumn Winter collection will do just that to the world of fashion. We were simply blown away the new lines that are on offer. Not only were we given a preview of the up and coming AW09 range, we also saw what will be on offer to fans in the New Year from the Spring Summer range.

Firstly, when you see what’s coming out in October, you’ll see this isn’t something Liam has simply put his name to and let others take control of, as promised in the early promotional videos released on the site, he won’t put anything out unless he’d wear it. This doesn’t mean simply OK’ing a few jackets now and again but designing each and every item from scratch, from the earliest stages of design to the finished product. This is one of the main factors that separate Pretty Green from other celebrity endorsements. Having been a millionaire since his early 20’s, Liam has spent A LOT of money on clothes, so he knows what he’s talking about, e.g. when working with designers, he describes exactly what he wants in every detail. When pressed about this, PG talked about Liam pin pointing precisely what he wanted in terms of shape, design, materials etc. If you’re going to start a high end men’s clothing line, you can’t get away with not knowing your stuff.

Without giving too much away before you can see for yourself, the quality and finish to the items is amazing. One of the main things reported back by fans from the first batch that went on sale this year was the quality of the materials used, you don’t have to be a fashion guru to appreciate fine clothing when you see it and whatever sceptics might make of a celebrity endorsed clothing brand, no one can argue about the strength of what’s on sale. One stand out piece; a winter jacket we were shown was designed by Liam as a nod to the Italian C.P. clothing label (an early incarnation of Stone Island), after designers literally scoured the world for the right materials, it took 3 attempts before Liam was finally happy with the finished product. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to every item that makes Pretty Green stand out and it becomes obvious why they do it when you see the finished versions.

Other stand out pieces include leather jackets (so finely made there’s no inner lining to avoid creases), tone on tone long sleeve shirts and a new selection of men’s tees. If you thought the first collection was maybe a bit safe, then you’ll be stunned by what’s coming up this October. The range has been snapped up by major high street retailer Selfridges and will be available in their Manchester and London stores as well as selected retailers around the UK, it will be the first time fans will get to see the range before purchase. In the New Year the Spring Summer collection will come out, this takes things up another gear, stand out items include an old fashioned 3 button hand-me-down style mod suit and a new line of polo shirts woven from silk, cotton and cashmere.

We were inundated with questions for Pretty Green and received answers from them for all our queries; on the subject of underwear, we were told that this is Liam’s call and will be discussed along with other areas such as socks etc in the near future as will belts, bags, sunglasses and other accessories, the reception to the initial lines has been overwhelmingly positive so there seems to be no limit to how far the label can extend. Jeans will be available from October as part of the AW09 collection and footwear is in the pipeline. For those of you wondering if the camo jacket Liam wore at Man City last weekend was from the label, you’ll be pleased to know it will be on sale as part of the Spring Summer collection from January/February next year. PG told us the collections are being made available all over the world and retailers from cities in most major countries have shown an interest in stocking the new lines. As mentioned, there are leather jackets in the new collection as well as shirts.

All in all everything we saw looked and felt fantastic, it was a real buzz just to see something developing that Liam is obviously really passionate about. The gallery had pictures of Liam from the Brighton photo shoot hanging on the walls and to be honest, you needed them up there to remind you it was Liam’s label, whilst being shown the items we forgot why we were there and got a bit lost just admiring the gear! There’s something for everyone in the autumn range and people like us who became fans of the label through Liam will get a real eye opener into quality men’s fashion. It’s still top to toe Liam but not in a way you’d expect, you’ll have to see for yourself what we mean but ultimately you’ll start to see it as a clothing brand in its own right as apposed to something you like simply because of Liam. The collections we saw today were simply stunning, they’re an unprecedented step up from the amazing first batch that most of us are currently wearing and if you’re into your clobber, you’ll want to buy the lot come October!

Thanks again to Pretty Green for giving us a quick peek at what’s coming this autumn.

Extra special thanks to Tom, who went along on on the sites behalf at such short notice.

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