The Streets: Everything is Borrowed

12291 everything is borrowed
Mike Skinner of the Streets was once included in a Time Out list of London heroes that included such personalities as playwright Tom Stoppard, artist Damien Hirst, actress Judi Dench, two-term mayor Ken Livingstone, and chef Jamie Oliver.

skinnerThat he was included among these names is not surprising, but a listen to this album may suggest that his high standing among his fellow Brits speaks a bit more for him that the output of his current work. Once highly culturally relevant, the Streets remains an icon of Londoners who are familiar with the story he told of a middle class, drug-addicted, post-rave society.

Everything is Borrowed does not tell the story he came to be heralded for; instead, the Streets has come to focus on the happy place he has arrived at in life. On Everything is Borrowed, this rapper shows himself to be at his most mature – and his most satisfied.

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