Reunion for The Kinks ‘closest it’s ever been’

By Live4ever - Posted on 02 Jan 2014 at 4:45am

A reunion for The Kinks is ‘as close as it’s ever been to happening’ – so says Ray Davies.

The classic band’s three surviving, original members have all been interviewed by Uncut magazine after the brothers Davies spoke of reconciliation last year, and now a return for the group which hasn’t played together since 1996 is looking very likely.

Adding to his brother’s comments, Dave Davies says: “I said to Ray I thought that it’d be a great shame if we don’t try and do something. I don’t think our love has diminished. I think the stage-play has played itself out a bit, the pretence and the acting. I think it’s time reality took over, and started directing the last years of,whatever it is. It’s like Cain and Abel.”

Despite being locked in years of warring sibling rivalry, The Kinks soldiered on in one form or another until the mid Nineties when they finally, quietly and without much fanfare, went their separate ways.

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