Glasvegas frontman James Allan attacks major record labels

By Live4ever - Posted on 07 Sep 2013 at 5:58am

James Allan onstage with Glasvegas (Photo: Sebastian Barros for Live4ever Media)

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has criticised major label executives after the band were dropped from Columbia in the wake of disappointing sales for their second full length studio album ‘Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\’.

“It’s so little to do with music,” Allan has remarked of major label life during an interview with NME. “It’s all to do with deals. Glasvegas got a deal and there was never one like it again. Bands that get signed post-Glasvegas are getting shafted in every orifice they’ve got, man.”

“They never get kept, or signed, because the guy actually enjoys a melody. For me to think that it was all because some guy who was probably in fucking M People or something liked the melody or not. That’s not really going to kill me.”

Now signed up to the BMG organisation, Glasvegas released their new LP ‘Later…When The TV Turns To Static‘ at the start of this week.

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